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Harbor Candy Shop - Gourmet Candy and Confections, Ogunquit, ME - Harbor Candy Shop

In , Shane launched its bean-to-bar chocolate line of ethically sourced, small batch cocoa beans roasted in-house. We turn them into finished bars with hand designed labels. But perhaps what makes Shane stand out the most is its dedication to candy making traditions that time has mostly forgotten. In addition to its signature buttercreams, the shop is one of the few in the country to still make a confection called clear toy candy. Clear toy candy is a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, likely brought to the United States by immigrants from Germany and the United Kingdom.

The green, red, and yellow candies are molded into 3D shapes and given as Easter and Christmas gifts. There is, in fact, still a demand for it.

Burroughs says that during Christmas, every available surface is covered in clear toy candy. Customers come in year after year chasing nostalgia, but also looking for a gift rooted in history, made with precision, care, and a little love, too.

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However, the family owned, artisan candy shop is an American tradition. You can find shops around the country making hand-crafted candy. Some of these confectioneries have existed for a century, while newer establishments are also helping to keep the love of candy alive.

These are five destination-worthy candy shops in the US. Originally located on the corner of Rivington and Essex, this expansive candy store, which carries everything from Ring Pops to gummy hot dogs to balloon animal kits, began as a shoe and hat repair store with a cart out front selling candy.

After the Great Depression hit, only the candy sold, and in , the space officially became Economy Candy. This Austin candy shop is so much more than barrels of salt water taffy and rainbow lollipops. Big Top comes complete with a soda fountain and ice cream machines. Big Top carries varieties of bulk candies and 3, different wrapped candies. Nowadays, the shop specializes in not just handmade candies imported from around the world, but macarons, cupcakes, and caramels. Chutters still bears the name of its original owner, Frederick George Chutter, who was a preacher turned candy salesman.

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  5. The shop has been a presence in Littleton since the s, beloved by the community for so long, at least in part, because of its foot candy counter — the biggest in the country. Where: N. Southport Avenue, Chicago, IL Wherever you go. About Advertise with us. Trending Countries. South Africa. Costa Rica. Trending Cities. Mexico City. Buenos Aires.

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    Dallas-Fort Worth. Photo: Shane Confectionery.

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