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Abstract Recent reports show that fewer adolescents believe that regular cannabis use is harmful to health. Comment in Long-term effects of adolescent-onset and persistent use of cannabis. Images from this publication. See all images 3 Free text. Ruling out alternative explanations.

Shown is change in full-scale IQ in SD units from childhood to adulthood as a function of the number of study waves between ages 18 y and 38 y for which a study member met criteria for cannabis dependence. Change scores are presented for the full birth cohort and the cohort excluding i past h cannabis users, ii past-week cannabis users, iii those with persistent tobacco dependence, iv those with persistent hard-drug dependence, v those with persistent alcohol dependence, and vi those with lifetime schizophrenia.

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Persistent tobacco, hard-drug, and alcohol dependence were each defined as dependence at three or more study waves. IQ decline could not be explained by other factors. Persistent cannabis users show neuropsychological decline from childhood to midlife. Adolescent vulnerability. Individuals with adolescent-onset cannabis dependence black bars experienced greater IQ decline than individuals with adult-onset cannabis dependence gray bars.

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Postcessation IQ among former persistent cannabis users. This figure is restricted to persistent cannabis users, defined as study members with two or more diagnoses of cannabis dependence. Kane has been instrumental in building the Duke swimming and diving program to its current level of success, guiding student-athletes to numerous achievements at the conference, national and international levels.

The season saw the Blue Devil women take a school-record six swimmers to the NCAA Championship, qualifying a relay to the national meet for the first time.

Persistent cannabis users show neuropsychological decline from childhood to midlife

Nine current and former Blue Devil swimmers competed at the U. Kane has directed the Duke men and women to numerous program firsts, including five NCAA individual titles, a conference crown in a relay event freestyle relay - and an ACC record medley relay - In addition, Kane was nominated for CollegeSwimming. A graduate of Brown University and an eight-year member of the Jamaican National Swimming Squad, Kane brought extensive international and collegiate swimming experience to the Duke program.

Kane also represented Jamaica at the Pan American Games in Winnipeg and Santo Domingo , as well as the Commonwealth Games in Manchester and added even more international experience to her resume when she coached the Jamaican National team at the World Championship meet in Melbourne, Australia. Kane graduated in with a bachelor of science degree in psychology from Brown, where she was team captain of the swim team her senior year and is still in the record books as a member of the and freestyle relay teams that set school records in Kane went on to earn a masters degree in Human Performance at the University of Florida in Nunzio Esposto Diving Coach Email.

Nunzio Esposto begins his second season with the Duke swimming and diving coaching staff after joining the program as the head diving coach in the summer of Esposto returns to the collegiate coaching ranks after previously serving as the head diving coach at North Carolina from to During that time he also was the head coach of the North Carolina Aquatic Club Diving program, guiding his athletes to senior and junior nationals qualification as well as multiple North Carolina high school state titles.

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Last place for this odd flower made out of chicken feet. Bernhardt Lab Team A "Macrosystems". Bronze medal for this habitat network for frogs. Silver medal for this awesome food web where photosynthesizing frogs are fed upon by bears, themselves eaten by predatory fish which are then consumed by disembodied chicken feet. See video at right for context.

Christine Folch (Ph.D. , Anthropology) Appointed to Duke University Faculty

In this event, designed by the Heffernan lab, lab teams split in two with each sub-team drawing an ecological concept at random from a collection of slips in Anna's hand. Each subteam than had 10 minutes to prepare a conceptual model of their concept using toothpicks, gummy bears, gummy frogs, gummy chicken feet, gummy eggs and swedish fish. At the end of the sculpting period each team had to use their model in a charade in which they tried to get the other members of their lab to guess the concept.

Pleased to report that every team successfully guessed the appropriate concept.

Opening at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University

As you can see the quality of the models and their utility was highly variable. Ashley demonstrates the winning strategy for transporting g of litter without a container.

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Ben is increasingly frustrated as it becomes clear he will not retain the coveted Lab-O-Lympics title. In this event, devised by the Wright lab, each contestant had to run through the woods to a marked plot with a slide hammer and corer, collect a soil core, return to the start and remove the core, sieve it and weight out a g soil sample within 1g. They then had to collect a g sample of leaf litter from the same plot and weigh it to within a gram of the goal [which was super annoying because the scale they brought only went to g].

Soon to be crowned overall champion Steve keeps his cool despite heckling from the peanut gallery.

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