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The Debate

Mara Mattuschka []. Wien : Verlag Filmarchiv Austria, [] Description Book — pages : illustrations some color ; 21 cm. M38 M37 Unavailable On order Request. Holen Sie einen Kaffee!

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Auf den Regiestuhl! D4 S54 Unknown. S73 U43 Available. N35 W45 Unknown. Wim Wenders : Paris, Texas [].

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Vergewaltigung ist strafbar! Disney macht Karikatur-Plakate Nur in Deutschland! P7 G54 Unavailable At bindery Request. Some spoke openly of pandering to anti-American populism, pressure from above to exclude certain viewpoints, lack of expertise and access, and pervasive bias. What follows is a summary of those interviews and the major themes addressed.


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During his second tour, transatlantic relations cooled considerably and media coverage of the United States became noticeably more critical. Ideology is clearly a serious problem in some corners of the German media.

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All too often, particularly in reporting on foreign affairs, viewpoints that go against popular sentiment are not given a fair hearing. Additionally, most of the journalists interviewed worried that bias negatively influenced reporting. One of the most troubling aspects of the interviews was the assertion, made by at least three of the interviewees, that journalists were pressured, or knew of colleagues who were pressured, not to run certain stories in the run-up to the Iraq war.

One interviewee stated anonymously that many journalists come to the U. Medien Tenor studies conducted over the past few years clearly indicate an increase in critical, negative reporting on the United States. A frequent complaint expressed by interviewees was that German media inadequately convey the complexity and internal divisions that make up American society. For many Germans, America is the land of predatory capitalism, striving for hegemony, and the arrogance of power.

The most universally expressed frustration among journalists interviewed was the lack of access to the United States government. Because most American politicians are interested in reaching voters, even small domestic newspapers receive more attention than the largest German network.

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With the end of the Cold War, Germany has become less central to U. As in most nations, German media focus primarily on domestic events. International coverage, though relatively extensive in Germany, still suffers from limited budgets and lack of interest. When coupled with the pressures of the twenty-four hour news cycle and the need for ever-shorter sound bites, the impact on the quality of coverage can be stifling.

Limited budgets also make it difficult for some journalists to travel outside of Washington, DC or New York. But not everyone agreed that travel was a problem. Several correspondents insisted that a reasonable balance was possible. There is little doubt that the German media has grown more critical of the United States over the past five years. But there is disagreement as to the causes and implications of this trend.

Since September 11, , German and American leaders have cooperated in Afghanistan but bitterly disagreed over Iraq. Gerhard Schroeder turned opposition to a military confrontation with Saddam Hussein into a winning campaign issue during the elections, much to the dismay of the Bush administration. Overall, approval of the United States and the Bush administration has fallen significantly in Germany since Some worry that America is striving towards world hegemony. So is German media coverage of the United States a fundamental source of the transatlantic divide or simply a reflection of larger societal trends?

The answer is both.

The Debate

History is an undeniable source of differences. Contemporary observers too often forget the heated disagreements between the United States and West Germany over Vietnam in the s and s and over the deployment of nuclear missiles in the s. These disagreements also revolved around the question of military force and American geopolitical dominance.

For Germany, the use of military force was taboo for decades following the Second World War. Because of its past, Germany has a far more skeptical view of military action and tends to favor multilateral approaches, even if they are sometimes flawed or ineffective. Unfortunately, many influential figures in German media, politics and society have undeniably exploited recent transatlantic tensions for political and financial gain.

All too often, populism and anti-Americanism have replaced honest, constructive criticism. Jeff Gedmin, Director of the Aspen Institute in Berlin, relayed this story in an article he wrote in [5] :. Some, including German diplomats , have attempted to downplay and deny the problem of anti-Americanism. Others, including some of the journalists interviewed, felt that most of the recent ugliness in German media was attributable to dislike of the Bush administration. Iraq is no longer as divisive an issue and Gerhard Schroeder has since left office, leaving a more America-friendly Angela Merkel to patch up the wounds.

Most observers hope that this difficult period in German-American relations is just another bump in the road of an otherwise healthy relationship. Only time will tell. Individuals Interviewed:. At www. Befragte Personen:. Bei www. Posted by: netkaf September 26, at AM. Vielleicht sollten Sie auch bei denen mal diese Kritik vorbringen.

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Wenn Sie mit der Meinung die dieser Blog vertritt nicht einverstanden sind, sind Sie gerne dazu aufgefordert dies hier sachlich zu diskutieren. Posted by: garydausz September 26, at AM.

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Posted by: Alex N. September 26, at AM. A sad, if not predictable defensive knee-jerk reaction. It seems that some will blindly defend the media establishment no matter what its flaws and no matter what people inside the establishment say. Instead of addressing the actual implications of the sources in this paper, the majority of which are first hand interviews , all you can do is refer to a smear job carried out on Medien Tenor one of my few second-hand sources by a media source NDR and author with a clear political agenda.

I think it is time to address what German journalists are actually saying about their own field.

Eine Spitzenkraft. Kurzgeschichten (German Edition) Eine Spitzenkraft. Kurzgeschichten (German Edition)
Eine Spitzenkraft. Kurzgeschichten (German Edition) Eine Spitzenkraft. Kurzgeschichten (German Edition)
Eine Spitzenkraft. Kurzgeschichten (German Edition) Eine Spitzenkraft. Kurzgeschichten (German Edition)
Eine Spitzenkraft. Kurzgeschichten (German Edition) Eine Spitzenkraft. Kurzgeschichten (German Edition)
Eine Spitzenkraft. Kurzgeschichten (German Edition) Eine Spitzenkraft. Kurzgeschichten (German Edition)
Eine Spitzenkraft. Kurzgeschichten (German Edition) Eine Spitzenkraft. Kurzgeschichten (German Edition)

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