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What was the flash-sideways?

And as the new protectors of the island, Hurley Jorge Garcia and Ben likely outlive the other survivors by quite a wide margin, but at some point, they must eventually die as well. A good portion of the finale focuses on the question of who will fill Jacob's Mark Pellegrino role as the protector of the Heart of the Island, which turns out to be a magical, glowing pool at the island's center.

This pool is supposedly the source of all life, death, and rebirth, and according to Jacob, it's the cork holding back a malevolent force that could destroy the world. In the finale, this is revealed to be a literal cork, which Desmond pulls to drain the pool, nearly getting everyone killed.

See a Problem?

The Heart of the Island also emits a strong electromagnetic field and can manipulate space and time, as evidenced by the relocation of the island and the time travel in earlier episodes. It's also implied to have a form of consciousness, or at least self-preservation, granting immortality to the humans who are willing to take on the responsibility of keeping it safe. No details are ever given about the origins of the Heart of the Island, but it's said that a piece of its light is inside every living thing, and if it goes out, so do we.

Throughout the series, we see that many of the characters on the show have some sort of connection before ever boarding the plane, implying that they were always predestined to board the same doomed flight and end up on the island together.

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However, in Lost 's final season, we learn more about the way that Jacob has been pulling strings for years, traveling around the world in order to bring a group of potential "candidates" to the island, in the hopes of finding someone capable of taking over for him as the island's protector. He knew his brother, the Man in Black Titus Welliver , was searching for a way to kill him and would eventually succeed. Jacob's intent was to find a successor before that happened.

All of the survivors of Oceanic fit this criteria, and as the series progressed and he was able to observe their interactions on the island, Jacob began slowly whittling down his list of candidates. None of the connections we saw between the characters in flashbacks were fated or accidental.

All of them were engineered by Jacob. Throughout the series, one of Lost 's most enduring mysteries is the nature of the smoke monster, a seemingly sentient column of black smoke that occasionally attacks and even kills people on the island. And it turns out that the smoke monster is another form of the Man in Black, Jacob's immortal twin brother.

So how did that come about? Well, after killing their mother, the Man in Black is transformed when Jacob throws him into the Heart of the Island.

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For the next years, Jacob and the Man in Black oppose one another, as the Man in Black searches for a way around the supernatural law that keeps him from killing Jacob. As the smoke monster, he can't be killed, but he also can't leave. Over the years, he assumes his smoke monster form in order to kill the candidates Jacob brings to the island, hoping that if Jacob dies and leaves no successor, the Man in Black can finally leave. Ultimately, though, the Man in Black's immortality is linked to the Heart of the Island, so when Desmond temporarily shuts it down in the finale, he's made mortal and killed by Kate and Jack, ending the smoke monster forever.

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After Jack is appointed as Jacob's successor as protector of the island, he promptly gets into a knife fight with the Man in Black, where he's mortally wounded. Realizing he's dying, Jack volunteers to go replace the cork at the center of the island, and tells Hurley that he needs to take over as protector.

Hurley agrees , and drinks from the water that's come from the Heart of the Island, making his new role official.

After Jack leaves to restore the Heart, Ben also suggests to Hurley that he doesn't have to "protect" the island in the same way that Jacob did, and that maybe Hurley will find a better way. Hurley considers this, then asks Ben if he'll consider staying on as his second-in-command, to which Ben responds that he'd be honored. While Jacob lived for years, Hurley doesn't have the dark counterpart in the Man in Black that made it so hard for Jacob to find a replacement protector.

So although Hurley likely lives for many years following the finale, it's very possible that retirement will prove much easier for him than it did for Jacob.

Was the island purgatory?

The DHARMA Department of Heuristics and Research on Material Applications Initiative first came to the island in the s, with the objective of studying the unique properties of the island and harnessing them in the name of scientific advancement. While DHARMA conducted research across all fields including studies involving polar bears , attempting to uncover the island's secrets, they never fully understood what they were dealing with when it came to the supernatural Heart of the Island.

However, that didn't stop them from trying, and they constructed stations all over the island in an attempt to make sense of the bizarre phenomena they were witnessing. Christian Shephard then explains to Jack that the flash-sideways was constructed by and for the Oceanic survivors, to help them find one another, let go of the baggage of their lives, and move on together. And according to Christian, once they were all ready to do so, they each showed up at the church, one by one. When Jack first arrives at the church, he sees his father's coffin, and seems to think he's there for Christian's funeral.

Finding Lost - Season Six : The Unofficial Guide

When Christian opens the doors at the end of the episode and light floods the church, it's safe to assume that signifies "moving on," whatever that means. Even though Ben's presence in the flash-sideways seems to indicate that the Oceanic survivors were indeed the most significant people in his life, he elects not to enter the church with them. Before Hurley returns to the church, he tells Ben that he was a "real good number two," and Ben replies that Hurley was a "great number one," which seems to indicate that Ben and Hurley worked together on the island for a long time after the end of the series, never turning against each other like Jacob and the Man in Black.

That Ben was drawn to the church with the rest of them may be an indication that, cosmically at least, his service to the island was enough to redeem him for the horrible things he'd done in life, and that he could move on with the others.

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However, Ben opting not to enter the church could mean that he isn't ready to move on yet. Perhaps Ben still has more people to find in the afterlife before he can let go, or maybe, despite having been forgiven by some of the people he wronged, he still has to come to terms with what he did. Another possibility is that he just can't bring himself to move on and leave his adopted daughter, Alex Tania Raymonde , behind. It's never clarified what happens to Ben after he decides to stay outside, but we can only hope that, eventually, he finds peace.

While Christian Shephard explains to Jack that the church exists to help all of the Oceanic survivors "move on" with the people who'd been most significant to them in their lives, that doesn't explain what Christian himself is doing there, along with infants Aaron and Ji Yeon. None of them lived on the island or at least, not for long , so it couldn't possibly have been the most important time in any of their lives.

Surely Christian's "most significant" period would've occurred well before his death, while Aaron's and Ji Yeon's would've likely been once they were adults. The simplest explanation for their presence is that, like all of the other people in the flash-sideways who weren't survivors of the crash, those weren't the real Christian, Aaron, and Ji Yeon. Understandably shaken by the unexpected death of such a huge character, fans have been theorising how Tasha will inevitably get caught. It is unlikely for Tommy to keep this news under wraps, but it is certainly like him to take justice into his own hands.

And while he will be looking for evidence for the killing of his beloved, he may stumble upon an earring left by Tasha. Meanwhile fans have become a little worried about the show since its latest episode failed to air last week.

Power season 6: Tommy to kill Tasha after she makes huge murder slip-up?

Even the remaining two episodes? Power season 6 continues on Starz every Sunday and Netflix every Monday. Viewers pointed out that, during the tussle with Lakeisha, Tasha lost one of her hoop earrings. But, if the two come to blows, who will ultimately come out on top?

Finding Lost - Season Six Finding Lost - Season Six
Finding Lost - Season Six Finding Lost - Season Six
Finding Lost - Season Six Finding Lost - Season Six
Finding Lost - Season Six Finding Lost - Season Six
Finding Lost - Season Six Finding Lost - Season Six
Finding Lost - Season Six Finding Lost - Season Six

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