Trust Me (A Teen Romance)

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Author Ali Novak. When Stella meets the band, the lead singer asks her out, but she is torn between having this type of exciting relationship and taking care of her sister, who might be dying. What is a young girl to do? When Mikayla experiences the worst prom night ever, an acquaintance she barely knows named Jake witnesses all of it.

Despite their growing attraction to one another, Mikayla tries to keep her heart closed off, and she eventually realizes that her only two choices are to stay safe and lonely or let someone in long enough to be happy. Author Yesenia Vargas. Ella is a geek at her high school, and her stepsisters make her life miserable at home.

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Her only friend is an unknown person with the name Baller, with whom she texts on a regular basis. When a teenager decides to help out her platonic friend with a prank, it builds up his image at their school but tears hers down. She then decides to jump right in and take on the bullies at school, along with help from four popular teenagers who help her protect herself from the cruelty of high school. She revels in this relationship, but will the small town she lives in accept it, or will it simply mean more scandal for her? Sally is seventeen and already tired of dating. When she asks her best friend Becks to be a fake boyfriend for a bit, he immediately agrees.

She has stress over where to go to college and the idea of leaving her family in the process.

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So many decisions and so little time. The problem is, her heart and her head are telling her two different things, so which one should she listen to? She assumes a new identity and enlists the help of a good-looking Irishman named Kieran to help her escape. Author Erin Watt.

Oakley is a bad-boy rock star working hard to change his image, so he hires Vaughn to pose as his girlfriend in exchange for enough cash to put her brothers through college. It is the perfect arrangement, until their hearts start to have minds of their own.

Fooling the paparazzi is one thing, fooling herself is entirely different, as Vaughn soon learns. Ember is very quirky and Vance is moody and restless. But they are both trying to appear tough and hide what is going on inside their hearts, so it is a contest to see which one will let down their guard first. An emotional love story about friendship, love, family, and above all else — hope.

A great finding-love-in-unusual-places story, this is the tale of soon-to-be-senior Anise, who is enjoying the summer on the sun-filled beaches of Santa Cruz. All is going well until her aunt falls ill and she is sent to Nebraska to care for her three young cousins.

To make things worse, Anise now has to live in the house her mother lived in before abandoning her, bringing back all sorts of unpleasant memories. Things only get better when she meets Lincoln, a charismatic skater who suddenly puts some light in the darkness Anise is feeling. Liv has her senior year all planned out. Work hard, save money, and most importantly, never get involved. She intends to stick to her plan until she meets Logan, and the attraction between them is instant. Author Christina Benjamin. Devon is a guy that no one likes.

He quit the soccer team even though he was a great player, and he dumped the hottest girl in town. She has a plan to do this and get back to Boston, and Devon plays a large part in it. But along the way their attraction to one another starts to blossom, making Sam wonder if this plan is ever going to work the way it should. Author Rebecca Donovan. Emma has a lot of secrets, and they revolve around her tumultuous life. She works hard to hide what is going on in her life and tries to be as inconspicuous as possible in a trendy area where most other people want to be noticed.

When she finds love, it is a respite from her terrible life, but how far will she go to hide everything from him? Emma swears off of men because she wants to concentrate on important things during her senior year of high school. But unbeknownst to her, she is an heiress with a target on her back.

When Arie poses as a high-school senior in order to protect Emma, he thinks it will be a simple assignment. That is, until he starts falling for Emma. Danger is right behind them, but all they can think about is each other. Will they be able to handle both their feelings and keep Emma out of danger until all is well again?

Viola escapes her poverty-stricken existence and lands a scholarship at a posh university on the other side of the country, allowing her to start all over and grow into her own person. She even has a boyfriend, Riel, who understands her past but loves her anyway. Annie Jason Clarke Doug Tate Viola Davis Gail Friedman Chris Henry Coffey Graham Weston Spencer Curnutt Peter Aislinn DeButch Katie Noah Emmerich Al Hart Olivia Wickline Louise Zoe Levin Brittany Zanny Laird Serena Edmonds Yolanda Mendoza Tanya Shenell Randall Alexa Jordan Trovillion Edit Storyline A suburban family is torn apart when fourteen-year-old Annie Liana Liberato meets her first boyfriend online.

Taglines: What took her family years to build, a stranger stole in an instant. Edit Details Official Sites: Official site. Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: min. Sound Mix: Dolby Dolby Digital. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The film is based on a story written by David Schwimmer uncredited. He was inspired by his 14 year association with The Rape Foundation.

Drive capacities vary from model to model, but at minimum it would be over GB. Quotes Gail Friedman : We can't control what happens to us or our loved ones.

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What happens when Annie goes to college? Will : What are you saying? Gail Friedman : People get hurt. There's only so much we can do to protect ourselves, our children. The only thing we can do is be there for each other when we do fall down to pick each other up. The pictures he posts in the chat room to make Annie think he's 16 years old are of actor Tristan Peach , who is billed as Charlie in the credits..

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Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Whereas Sean is just sweet, fun, laid-back kind of dude - an The question is: What don't I love about this book? Whereas Sean is just sweet, fun, laid-back kind of dude - and very loyal - even if that means painting himself black. He is just amazing and I found his maturity his personality on a hold very sexy - even if he is just 14yrs old lol.

What I love about this book is that when there's a brief dawning coming on, on the characters - there's no run around the obvious. They jumped right on it and spoke their minds. I found myself grinning at the easy confession all kinds and it was sad to see it end really. But the sweet smile on my lips is telling me am glad there was a happy ending.

Trust Me. Sep 19, Pamela Hubbard rated it it was ok Shelves: setting-doorway , young-adult , reality-fiction , relationships. Jessica is extremely excited about being a counselor at camp this year, instead of just a camper. In the summer before starting high school, she wants to catch the eye of a gorgeous guy and have more freedom and responsibility. Unfortunately, during the one week counselor training, Jessica is paired with Sean to complete trust exercises.

Sean and Jessica have been enemies for years and Jessica can't trust Sean to be serious, to treat her well, or to be honest. But as the week goes on, they both Jessica is extremely excited about being a counselor at camp this year, instead of just a camper. But as the week goes on, they both learn new things about each other and themselves and start to see that maybe they can trust each other This was a cheesy book, but a cute story that was clean and would appeal to middle school readers.

The characters were a bit contrived but easy to understand and relate to. Jul 17, Purnima rated it it was amazing.

Trust Me (A Teen Romance)
Trust Me (A Teen Romance)
Trust Me (A Teen Romance)
Trust Me (A Teen Romance)
Trust Me (A Teen Romance)

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