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Jimi Hendrix: 'Both Sides of the Sky'

Famous for playing the guitar with his teeth and lighting his instrument on fire, Hendrix's innovative and experimental sound won over UK rock royalty and legions of US fans. But there was a dark side to Hendrix, he would become angry and violent after days of mixing alcohol and illicit drugs.

Tragically in he was found dead in a London flat.

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The real reason behind his death is still disputed. Hendrix managed to change music forever in just four years.

With access to key members of Jimi's circle, critically acclaimed writer Mick Wall will deliver an explosive and celebratory biography offering fans a chance to see the real Hendrix and learn the truth behind his untimely death. Lemmy: The Definitive Biography.

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Black Sabbath: Symptom of the Universe. Metallica: Enter Night: The Biography. Appetite for Destruction. He lives in England.

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Death of Jimi Hendrix

Rob Delaney: Mother. The Science of Avatar. Ever, Dirk: The Bogarde Letters. U2 Popaganda: Essential U2 Quotations. Biography Of Peter Cook. Bring on the Empty Horses. There the onstage sounds functioned as background music for enjoying the vibes, hanging out with friends, schmoozing with strangers, skinny-dipping in the woods, and digging what we knew was an amazing piece of history. I mean the cat really insecure a little bit, so they call girls groupies and they call girls this and they call passive people hippies and blah blah woof woof on down the line.

Jimi Hendrix: – Rolling Stone

He loved the counterculture that made him a hero, too. And for sure he meant to claim the national anthem for his white, groovy, long-haired, spaced-out tribe. So he tore it down and built it up back up into something so avant and anarchic that peaceniks and radicals have taken it for their own ever since. About Us. Brand Publishing.

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Jimi Hendrix's Death

Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock on Aug. How to relive Woodstock: What to listen to, watch and read this week. Fifty years on, America remains obsessed with Woodstock. Here are the best recordings, movies and books to accompany your weekend nostalgia trip.

Robert Christgau.

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Jimi Plays Dead

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