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Recently and newly are both used to indicate that something happened only a short time ago. There is no difference in meaning, but newly can only be used with an '-ed' form, usually in front of a noun. You can use recently or lately to say that something started happening a short time ago and is continuing to happen.

You cannot use newly with this meaning. You use ultimately to indicate that something is the final result of a series of events.

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You also use ultimately when you are drawing attention to a basic fact about a situation. You do not use ultimately to say that something has been happening since a short time ago.

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You do not say, for example, ' Ultimately I have been feeling rather unwell '. You say 'I have been feeling rather unwell lately '.

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Not long ago; recently. I was ten minutes late for my appointment.

As you know, I've lately become interested in psychology. The discovery may ultimately lead to the development of new contraceptives.

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The song was also covered by English pop group S Club 7 and released as a bonus track on their album 7 , released in , [5] as well as by Will Martin on his album Inspirations , The cover is also featured in his special album "Try to Remember. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Billboard Hot 64 U. Jodeci version [ edit ] Chart [2] Peak position U. Billboard Hot 4 U.

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Maybe not — playing a great medium swing groove, with relaxed but powerful horns — that's the goal, and perhaps one of the hardest things to achieve in the big band idiom. I included a video of me talking about the rehearsal of this piece that will hopefully be of help to you and your group. I'd categorized this as "Medium Advanced" level.

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