Operation Iraqi Freedom

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On April 9 resistance in Baghdad collapsed, and U. In the north, however, plans to open up another major front had been frustrated when the Turkish government refused to allow mechanized and armoured U.

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Army units to pass through Turkey to deploy in northern Iraq. Regardless, a regiment of American paratroopers did drop into the area, and U. Special Forces soldiers joined with Kurdish peshmerga fighters to seize the northern cities of Kirkuk on April 10 and Mosul on April Isolated groups of regime loyalists continued to fight on subsequent days, but the U.

Iraqi leaders fled into hiding and were the object of an intense search by U. You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security.

Iraq War - Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003)

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Ultimately, Pentagon policymakers and planners must account for a range of routine and contingency responsibilities in Iraq to offset the risks associated with these key uncertainties. Q1: What is the practical significance for the U. A1: As of today, U. Beginning today, the remaining 50, U.

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These missions will endure at least for the next 16 months, as U. Change to this deadline would rely on a new security arrangement between the U. Indeed, any future formal defense relationship between the United States and Iraq will hinge on how important that goal is to the new Iraqi government. Some experts argue that U. Nonetheless, this formal repurposing of the remaining U.

As a consequence, DoD officials would be well advised to consider a wide range of future defense-specific responsibilities in and around Iraq. Final outcomes there are far from certain. Q2: As the U. What will happen to the programs that the U. All of this money was administered by DoD.

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Through those two programs, the U. Department of State and its chief of mission in Baghdad. No doubt any and all agencies operating in-country beyond will enjoy significantly less resource support and freedom of action than that enjoyed by the U. Along with the Iraqi government, U.

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Some reconstruction, development, and capacity-building programs will continue under U. Many lower-priority programs may simply go away. Q3: Going forward, what is the principal security risk associated with the military drawdown in Iraq, especially given a six-month stalemate in government formation after the March 7 election? Periods of War and Dates of Recent Conflicts. Naval History and Heritage Command.

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Operation Iraqi Freedom Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom Operation Iraqi Freedom

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