RECONSTRUCTING CHRISTIANITY: Notes from the New Reformation

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Constantine to the Reformation

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Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Despite what some would have us believe, Christianity is not limited to the religious right and its exclusive claims.

More and more spiritual sojourners are being drawn back to the simple teachings of Jesus. There they encounter a whole new way of understanding contemporary Christianity. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. From the above, it seems as if a Reformation is due for the Church of God in Africa. But what would it entail? This is the first question to be answered in order to start thinking about a Reformation. We can apply the words of Trueblood on Africa:.

Now … we can, if we will, change gears again. Our opportunity for a big step lies in opening the ministry to the ordinary Christian in much the same manner that our ancestors opened the Bible reading to the ordinary Christian. To do this means, in one sense, the inauguration of a new Reformation while in another it means the logical completion of the earlier Reformation in which the implications of the position taken were neither fully understood nor loyally followed. Rick Warren argues that the first Reformation was about beliefs and creeds - more specifically, it was about an adjustment to the creed of the Catholic Church, to sell indulgences in order to get a Basilica repaired.

Someone had to stand up against it - and Martin Luther was prepared to do just that. It is very important to take note that Luther was not that prominent a person in his Church when he stood up for what was right. He was actually a common monk in the Roman Catholic Church at that time. The Reformation in Europe ended up in the split of the world Church - the Roman Catholic Church - resulting in the formation of the Reformed Church group as a second Christianity group.

The African Reformation must break away from creeds and dogma because, especially nowadays, people like to play with words, which could be a meaningless endeavour without practical influence and empowerment. The African Reformation must indeed be about deeds, in line with the 44th thesis of Luther: Because love grows by works of love, man thereby becomes better. The African Reformation Church must stand up and be seen and heard - in unity. The implication is that the African Reformation Church will have to start teaching its congregants to really have knowledge of the Word of God - not dogmatic knowledge instilled by different Churches, not a superficial know-how of some texts in the Bible, sometimes even mixed with culture and traditions, but a knowledge of the heart of God and how to help others to also become real children of God.

Africa needs a Reformation, created through a thorough reading of the Bible and understanding of the message of God within its pages Shaull Africa really needs a Sola Scriptura experience. The African Reformation Church should emit the following attributes Beckham :.

We have already stated that the African Reformation must not revolve around a creed, but around deeds. Therefore, this is not high on the priority list.

Constantine to the Reformation

The African Reformation Church must first find its feet and be well-established before considering a creed. Some creeds have seen the light in Africa, or have an African origin. The first creed, as has already been mentioned, was the Creed of Athanasius, which is still one for the Reformed creeds. Two other creeds were published:. McGarrahan Both these creeds are focused on the Holy Trinity, although the second one has political undertones because of its origin.

When the African Reformation Church creates its own creed, it should be based on the Bible and focused on the behaviour and deeds of the people. It should contain, inter alia , the following basic facts:. Africa has a history to be proud of: events from its historical timeline clearly indicate that this continent can stand up and be counted.

However, not only scholars from the West, but 'tragically many African scholars and church leaders also have ignored their earliest African Christian ancestors' Oden Not even devastating events like the Arab invasion of and the colonisation of the 19th and 20th centuries should stand in the way of this continent to appropriate to itself what rightfully belongs to it.

As Africa took the lead during the Early Christian Era in creating a Christian theology that would stand the test of time, in the same way this continent needs to 'change gears again' in Trueblood's words and take the lead in creating a unified Church - a spiritual revolution. It will take much research and many willing and able bodies and lots of blood, sweat, tears and prayers to get this venture from the ground.

Hopefully, this article, together with many others published by Africans like us, will act as a first step in the right direction. When referring to a big theological event or step that should be taken, people tend to look for Church leaders to act as trailblazers. However, this will most probably not be the case with an African Reformation - as it was not the case with the European Reformation - as Church leaders will not easily take this kind of revolutionary step. That will be the person who will lead the various Church groups in Africa to become the one united African Reformation Church.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying:. And who will go for us?

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And I said, 'Here am I. Send me! He said, 'Go … ' Isa a. The authors declare that they have no financial or personal relationships which may have inappropriately influenced them in writing this article. Aland, K. Atkinson, Q. Barrett, N. Beckham, W. Cocks, T. Crowder, M. De Reuver, A. Doergen, H. El Masri, I. Book 1: From the foundation of the Church to the Arab invasion , St. Fogarty, M. Heath, E. Iweriebor, E. Falola ed. Malaty, T. Book one: Before origen , St. Kalu, O. Kidd, T. Mbiti, J. McGarrahan, E. Oden, T. Okon, E. Oliver, W. Pakenham, T.

Christianity from Judaism to Constantine: Crash Course World History #11

Ritter, G. Rodney, W. Sanneh, L. Schaeffer, F. Schaff, P. Schilling, H. Scholten, C. Shaull, R. Tloka, J.

Trueblood, E. Van den Broek, R. MacDonald eds. Van den Hoek, A. Brakke, A. Ulrich eds. Whelan, I. Correspondence : Willem Oliver olivee unisa. Received: 23 Nov. An emancipation is therefore essential.


An introduction to the Protestant Reformation

Let the African know that he had a global past and that he has a glorious future Azikiwe Africans have been mis-educated. They need mental emancipation so as to be re-educated to the real needs of Renascent Africa Okon The African memory depicts the way in which Africans 'historically viewed events and persons, and how they still characteristically remember them' Oden a Stock photo. Brand new: lowest price The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable.

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RECONSTRUCTING CHRISTIANITY: Notes from the New Reformation RECONSTRUCTING CHRISTIANITY: Notes from the New Reformation
RECONSTRUCTING CHRISTIANITY: Notes from the New Reformation RECONSTRUCTING CHRISTIANITY: Notes from the New Reformation
RECONSTRUCTING CHRISTIANITY: Notes from the New Reformation RECONSTRUCTING CHRISTIANITY: Notes from the New Reformation
RECONSTRUCTING CHRISTIANITY: Notes from the New Reformation RECONSTRUCTING CHRISTIANITY: Notes from the New Reformation
RECONSTRUCTING CHRISTIANITY: Notes from the New Reformation RECONSTRUCTING CHRISTIANITY: Notes from the New Reformation

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