The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic)

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They are able to travel and teleport in blue wisps or fire. Alice's knowledge in the days she was free allowed her to understand the functions and hierarchies of the universe and many rules of magic, which allowed her to accurately predict that Ember's murder would result in the Old Gods shutting off all magic.

Alice once also sought out to reverse the Niffin transformation and restore her brother Charlie to human but failed. Quentin would later attempt the same with Alice but succeed and return her to a human form using the missing element of Alice's Shade that he collected from the Underworld. Niffins such as Friar Joseph who inhabit worlds devoid of magic are capable of slowly dying.

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  8. For they, like Magicians, draw magic from the Wellspring making them inherently different than other Magical Creatures which possess independent magic naturally. When a Magician is consumed by a spell, their body will begin to distort rapidly. At this point, if a magician stops, they will not become a niffin, but if the spell is continued after this fact, their hands will begin to burst into blue flames.

    At this point, the transformation is assured and can't be stopped even if the spell is dropped. Interestingly, the initial flames are not felt by the magician and usually result in confusion but a sense of serenity. As the flames spread from the hands, the magician flames are felt and the magician is in excruciating pain as they are literally burned alive.

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    The eyes and mouth will glow distinctly in the flames and billows of black smoke are produced in the blaze but dissipate very quickly. The magician is still able to move but their physical form is obscured by the bright blue fire.

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    This process is the magician's physical body being converted into pure magical energy and is consumed by the flames. At the end of the transformation, they simply disappear leaving a brief blue flame in the air that extinguishes itself.

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    During this transformation, the Magician loses their Shade. After the transformation, a magician retains their previous overall physical appearance but their skin partially glows with trailing blue magical energy coursing through them like blood in veins. Occasionally, a small burst of flame will escape a niffin's form. This will also contribute to the fact that niffin's are hot to the touch and Alice, in her niffin form, produced white smoke simply by touching Martin's hand and burning him from the contact.

    A binding ritual was created to trap Niffins within small, specially made wooden boxes , as no method for killing or defending oneself against a Niffin currently exists. It is a general rule by most magicians that Niffins must be boxed or otherwise banished, as per the incursion protocols at Brakebills [2] on sight, as Niffins have been noted to be incredibly dangerous. Most Niffins can be sealed away, but certain Niffins have been able to escape them. The box must be carved and be enchanted by a month-long ritual. The box has no lid as the Niffin becomes part of the wooden structure in itself, and therefore cannot be released.

    While boxing a Niffin, a Turkish incantation must be said 3 times. It is possible to restore a Niffin back into a human, but it requires 3 essential things for the ritual to succeed:. Niffin Alice merging with her Shade.

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    7. The procedure starts with the Niffin's Shade being released inside the cage and subsequently locked inside. The Niffin is soon drawn into the cage, due to its connection with its Shade. The power source is put into use and is located at the four corners of the cage in a drawn seal. Upon the invocation of the spell, both the Shade and Niffin are forcibly combined, leaving a fully whole human in its place.

      The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic) The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic)
      The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic) The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic)
      The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic) The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic)
      The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic) The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic)
      The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic) The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic)
      The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic) The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic)
      The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic) The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic)
      The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic) The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic)
      The Magicians Father (Wild Edged Magic)

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