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How to Avoid Hindering Your Prayers

Language: English. Brand new Book. Seller Inventory APC Shipped from UK. This book is printed on demand. Seller Inventory I Maura K Hill. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title The Bible tells us to pray to God at all times and that He hears our prayers. About the Author : Maura K. Buy New Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image.

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Published by Createspace Seller Rating:. New Paperback Quantity Available: Yet there is great hope: God is not going to let us destroy ourselves. He does plan to step in when we are at the brink of total destruction; when we are ready to fully learn the lesson that rebellion against God can never bring about goodness and happiness. There is an incredible future just ahead for all mankind. What does that future hold? Men will finally be properly educated about God and His purpose for creating man.

Brought to his knees, man will finally be willing to learn and admit that God is not only the Creator but also the great Lawgiver.

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  5. To learn about God and His purpose for man, human beings will study creation, including the universe. Much of what man wants to know about God and himself has been right before our eyes all along. Instead of looking down and digging in the earth for his origins, man should have been looking around him and up into the heavens for answers.

    The Privilege of Prayer

    This incredible Earth and the universe could never have come into existence as a result of chance or happenstance. By studying the Earth and the universe without prejudice, we can gain awesome knowledge. Request our booklet Our Awesome Universe Potential. Combining this knowledge with what is revealed in the Bible, this booklet will show you how the Earth and the universe reveal that a Being of incredible power, intelligence and creativity, with skilled talent for design and engineering, brought into existence a wonderful planet, nestled in just the right place of a vast, expanding universe, made perfect to support microscopic, plant, animal and human life.

    Is there a connection between man and the universe? The Bible reveals that there is a surprisingly stupendous tie between man and the countless numbers of stars and galaxies stretched across the vastness of space. There is a stunning history behind these verses. Even more, there is extraordinary promise and a future as vast and limitless as the universe. Our Awesome Universe Potential fully explains the history and the promise. This booklet will prove to you that man is destined to take responsibility for finishing the creation of the universe now suffering from decay.

    It is our awesome destiny to be born into the God Family and bring life to myriads of lifeless planets scattered into the deep blackness of space. What a truth!

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    Man was created to create! T en years ago, in our January edition, the Trumpet presented an overview of biblical prophecy. We are now in the process of converting it into a booklet to offer to Trumpet subscribers. The following article, about Anglo-America, is reprinted in full and unaltered from that issue. It is our hope that you will benefit from reading its astounding preview of world events—now in many instances a post-view.

    We believe it powerfully demonstrates the inerrancy of the Bible. Its timeless nature is made all the more exciting as you consider the astounding events that have taken place just over this past year. As you read, remember the shocking economic collapse experienced by the U. Consider the 9 million jobs that have been lost, the millions of homes that are being foreclosed upon, the record high food stamp usage, and the growing divide between rich and poor.

    And remember that another, greater crash is guaranteed to hit soon.

    George Müller (Christian audiobooks) - Answers to Prayer, from George Müller's Narratives (1 of 4)

    For five days in August, animal-like mobs of rioters in London burned businesses and homes, hospitalized police officers, looted shops, assaulted citizens, and even killed people. That same month, in America there were the race riots in Milwaukee that more closely resembled something out of tribal Afghanistan.

    More recently, the Occupy Wall Street movement has made dramatic headlines. Every day it seems that people are getting angrier—and looking for someone to blame. Authorities reported record gun sales in November, up 35 percent over the previous year. Violence is taking over the streets in many of our cities, and people are getting desperate for protection. After more than a decade of war, troops and equipment are stretched like never before. The average age of fighter aircraft is 24 years and rising. For naval vessels it is even higher. Hundreds of aircraft and vessels are operating far past their expected operational lifetimes.

    With the broken economy, massive military spending cuts are guaranteed. In Britain, a country once renowned for its navy, its armed forces are so shrunken that it no longer has even a single aircraft carrier. And as you think about the prophecy in this article, know that America and Britain are now less able than at any time in their history to cope with these problems.

    Is Talking to God the Same as Praying?

    Think of the moral decline that has taken place over the past decade, and what that has done to our leadership. Think of the in-your-face homosexual agenda being forced on the nation. Think of the breakdown in traditional families. The consequences are becoming more apparent each year. Depression and health issues plague society. One in four women take at least one drug for a mental health issue. These problems are beyond our ability to fix. But there is a solution to our problems.

    God promises to protect and prosper those who commit to obey Him and keep His laws. He promises to give answers to even our biggest problems. And we hope you will continue to be a part of that. One of the most astounding secrets of the Bible—that the United States and Britain are two of the most prominent nations mentioned in prophecy—may initially appear startling, or even preposterous, to some of our readers.

    A startling statement, but provable beyond the shadow of a doubt. Tragically, these nations have a history of being quick to forget.

    Bible and Theology Answers •

    Even knowledge revealing their identity and their role in history might have been lost forever in the corridors of time, had God not restored this truth to His Church through the late Herbert W. But still more important for your sake than the prophecies already fulfilled are the prophecies yet to be fulfilled. We now can see the seeds of these vital prophecies being fulfilled, in world events, and exposed on the pages of this magazine!

    Five Ways God Answers Prayer

    Now, more than ever, before it is too late, you must have a clear-eyed view of what to expect in the years ahead—to get a grasp of what God forecasts for the American and British peoples. To say that the effect these prophecies will have on your life will be dramatic would be a grave understatement!

    First, before we can understand the prophecies pertaining to the United States and Britain, an understanding of the identity of these countries in the Bible is essential. The abundant material blessings eventually bestowed on the U. He then passed them on to his son Isaac, who later did the same with his son Jacob.

    go site Manasseh was to become one great nation, and his younger brother a company of nations. One day, materially, these nations would become stupendously rich and powerful, above any other nations. The Bible is a book essentially about Israel— its history and its future. Given that the modern descendants of the Israelites are known, the key to understanding biblical prophecy suddenly jumps into view.

    True Bible Study - Answers To Prayers True Bible Study - Answers To Prayers
    True Bible Study - Answers To Prayers True Bible Study - Answers To Prayers
    True Bible Study - Answers To Prayers True Bible Study - Answers To Prayers
    True Bible Study - Answers To Prayers True Bible Study - Answers To Prayers
    True Bible Study - Answers To Prayers True Bible Study - Answers To Prayers
    True Bible Study - Answers To Prayers True Bible Study - Answers To Prayers
    True Bible Study - Answers To Prayers True Bible Study - Answers To Prayers

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