You Cant Force Him

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You ended up in different corners and that is alright, because that is how God meant it to go.

Life we have yet to lead.

No Matter How Hard You May Try, You Can’t Force A Man Into Loving You | I Heart

Life we have yet to unravel. Life we have yet to discover and untangle. Life we have to choose for ourselves. Once again. You are going to stop blaming him for not apologizing enough for not doing what you wanted him to do. You will always remember the way he looked at you, but you will have to find better things to do with your time than glorify the past.

A Poker Metaphor For Relationships

Live with it. Bear with it. Write some shitty poetry. Go to the bookstore.

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Smell whole worlds created by the extraordinary minds. Open them. Read the lines.


Instead of listening to those people who only wanted to help me, I begged one man to try to commit to me. I hunted him, I implored him, I wept, and all that in vain.

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  4. He was one of those terrible people who are able to manipulate you just to have what they want. Those breeds usually want to get into your bed and after they are satisfied, they disappear. Soon enough you find yourself spinning around and fighting against depression. You lose your dignity for nothing. People start to disrespect you. Did you ever actually ask yourself why?

    You Cannot Force Others to Respect or Appreciate You

    Well, maybe because you are the one in the first place who has no self-respect and self-love, so why do you still expect from him to treat you differently? You can easily become a victim and that is only because you are afraid.

    You Cant Force Love

    You fear that if you start to care a little bit more about yourself, your partner would leave you. Afraid of losing a person who you love, but who never loved you and who never actually belonged to you. The most important parts you may have in these moments of losing yourself are your friendships. Let me tell you that they are way more important than your so-called partner.

    If you have some really honest friends, they would gladly tell you their opinion.

    Most of the time, they are right. Also, most of the time we choose not to listen to them. So, even though they may be right, you get away from them and keep on fighting to win the heart and care of your uninterested partner.

    Screams for change don’t work

    It is only you now. Not anyone else. But your loving partner only knows how to hurt you more and more. He was actually indecisive in his intentions.

    One day he would come to you and tell you that he cares, but another day he was a complete asshole with no heart and emotions. It was a very hurtful experience. You never wanted to admit to yourself that what your friends used to tell you was actually right. You abandoned them because they were honest; because they wanted to help you get out of that toxicity.

    It was hard for you to think wisely. It was hard because your emotions overwhelmed you. What you imagined turned out to be just a fantasy, and if you could only think a little about that, you would end things, much sooner than before. Facing the truth was not easy for anyone in the world. Sooner or later people get tired.

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